Pastors and Staff

Brett Inman
Executive Pastor of Ministry

Brett's Bio

Dr. Steve Ingino
Lead Teaching Pastor

Steve's Bio
Steve's book on parenting
Prayer App for Parents (iPhone)

Tim Arrington
Executive Pastor of Administration,
Mens & Senior Adult Pastor

Tim's Bio

Rick von Albrecht
Pastoral Care and Missions Pastor

Rick's Bio

Floyd Morgan
Young Families and Outreach Pastor

Floyd's Bio

Adam Prough
Worship Arts Pastor

Rob Davis
High School and Young Adults Pastor

Rob's Bio

Chase Hildenbrand
Middle School Pastor

Chase's Bio

Chris Taylor
Director of Children's Ministry

Chris' Bio

Cindyrae Stang
Director, Music Ministries
and Women's Ministry

Cindyrae's Bio

Tom Crawford
Orchestra Conductor

Tim Boyd
Administrator, Family Life Academy

Tim's Bio

Steve Haines
Audio Engineer and
Technical Director

Jerry Heintze
Director of Kitchen Operations

Mimi Faraj
Director, Family Life Preschool

Support Staff

Assistant to
Dr. Steve Ingino

Kelly Geiger

Assistant to
Pastor Floyd Morgan
and Chris Taylor,
Office Manager
Sherry Stern

Assistant to
Pastor Brett Inman
and First Impression Ministry
Sarah Over

Assistant to
Pastor Tim Arrington
Missions,Campus Scheduler

Joyce Kerns
Assistant Director,
Women's Ministry

Paula Stark
Assistant to
Business Manager
and Human Resources Clerk

Julie Perez
Business Manager
Dave Hoffman
Assistant to Cindyrae Stang
Kelly Geiger

Campus Engineer
Chris Johnson
Assistant to Pastoral Care,
Pastor Rob Davis and
Chase Hildenbrand

Lori Zaugra
Data Entry Receptionist
Lynn Kennedy
Facilities Manager
Ted Robinson

Assistant to
Pastor Rick von Albrecht,
Print Services,
High School and
Middle School Ministries

DeeDee Bigham

Assistant Director of
Family Life Preschool
Amy Dillabaugh

Office Manager of
Family Life Academy Elementary
Claudia Wagner

Communications & IT Coordinator
Shannon Jelle

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