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Equipping Classes

Equipping Classes


Equipping Classes are a rotating schedule of studies designed to help adults grow in faith and prepare us as Christ followers to "go and make disciples" in our families, places of business, and communities.

The following classes are intended for adults and offered on Sunday morning and Wednesday night. There are also men's and women's Bible studies (on Tues. and Wed. morning and Wed. night), and various other classes throughout the week. Please click on the respective areas of ministry under the ADULT MINISTRIES tab.

Sunday Classes

Sunday Mornings 9:00a.m.

  • Paul Tripp on Parenting: Teacher - Christopher Barnes, FLC #201
    Calling all parents! Christopher and Linda Barnes will continue to lead the class for parents of young children. Borrowing heavily from Tedd Tripp's classic, "Shepherding a Child's Heart," and his brother Paul's new book, "Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family," Christopher and Linda will provide encouragement and instruction for those in the trenches of parenting. Class members will not need to buy the books in order to participate. This 13-week study begins Sunday, October 22nd.

  • Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity: Teacher - Pastor Brett Inman, FLC #202
    This class is designed for relative new-comers to church history and will focus in on critical turning points in Christianity’s expansion into the world. Some of the topics covered are the fall of Jerusalem 70AD, major theological Councils, the rise of monastic life, Protestant Reformation, the split of the Eastern and Western churches, persecutions and the rise of Constantine.
  • New Testament Greek: Teacher - Mike Hagedon FLC#203
    Have you ever wanted to learn the original language of the New Testament? Have you tried and struggled? Enhance your understanding of Scripture with a relaxed and fun approach to Greek and get a taste of hearing, speaking, and reading the language as Paul spoke it. 

  • Leviticus: Teachers - Andy Stang/Kevin Westbrooks FLC #204, 
    "In order to heal the damage from Israel's rebellion against His instructions, God established a way for people's sins to be covered through a system of sacrifices in the laws of the covenant. These laws described in the Book of Leviticus serve a three-fold purpose: forgive acts of sin and spare people's lives, show the world that Israel was God's holy ambassador to the earth, and define standards of right and wrong that will fortify immense value to Christ's sacrifice for humanity. "

Sunday Mornings 10:45a.m.

  • The God Who Is There DVD series: Teacher - Elder Kevin Westbrooks FLC#201
    Most people--even most Christians--do not have a basic working knowledge of the Bible. How can we understand the story of God--and our part in it--when we're not familiar with it? In this basic introduction to faith, D. A. Carson takes you through the big story of Scripture to help you know what you believe and why you believe it. Cost $12 for optional book.

  • Love Your Marriage: Teacher - Pastor Floyd Morgan FLC #201 
    Lessons on Intentional Marriage: In this seven-week study, you will learn practical steps toward building and maintaining a vibrant, intimate, and lasting marriage. 

Wednesday Night Class 6:30pm

  • Ephesians: Teacher - Pastor Eric Naus - FLC #201 
    Join pastor Eric as we continue an interactive Bible study through the book of Ephesians!  This well-loved book explores the astounding depths of God’s grace, and shows us how the gospel should impact our church, our families, and our everyday lives.  We hope you’ll join the discussion!